CanShed Outdoor Trash Cart Enclosure
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The Story

When I saw the obvious need, it sparked an idea. Turning an idea into a product is an amazing process. Creating a branded company to market CanShed is a welcome challenge. Now, I can say we have created a product that improves peoples lives: it helps perserve the enviroment while adding value to your homes.
CanShed is a rugged, beautiful Outdoor Trash Cart Enclosures.
Tipping Point: When I looked closely at Google Maps Street View, I saw a nation's landscape littered with trash cart. They are everywhere. Why?
Zero Waste: The goal is to keep compostables and recyclables out of our landfills. And that is a good thing. To do so, waste haulers issue residence and businesses a new generation of compost, recycle and trash carts. These new larger carts don't fit where the old, smaller cans once did. Now your driveway, side yards, and garage is encumbered with unsightly trash carts.
Wildlife Resistant: Early on, CanShed up leveled the design and materials to create a wildlife resistant enclsoure. In fact, CanShed passed the IGBC Grizzly Bear Test in Yellowstone Park. CanShed is certified by the US Forest Service as bear resistant. Now you can secure your carts from winds and wildlife with CanShed.
Goal: Few will argue against 'be good to mother nature' values. What guides us are fundamentals: 'conserve natural resources, recycle and sustainability'. In this zone we add enviromental aesthetic.
In short, CanShed is a beautiful, rugged place to put your trash carts.

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