CanShed Outdoor Trash Cart Enclosure
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The Design

CanShed is an application specific product. Meaning, it is designed to do one thing very well. And that one thing is to house the new generation of compost, recycle and trash carts in a secure and beautiful place.


With three model widths, CanShed 3-32, 3-64, 3-96 any mix of cart sizes and quanities will fit.  It is built to last. It is low, to no maintenance. And most of all it is easy to use.


CanShed's design sets it apart from fence-style trash areas. CanShed's modular approach combines industrial strength components with beautiful panel finishes to create an accessable, secure enclosure.

By-pass Sliding Doors: Small footprint, no shovelling snow to open a hinging door to get carts in and out. 

Welded Metal Frame: Industrial strength, no maintenance frame. Requires only 24-bolts during assembly.




Hinging Tops: Easy access to lids on top of carts. Gas Springs keep it up. Industrial Latches keep it closed.



Patent-pending gravity Door Latch with lock.

Patent-pending Door Guides keeps wildlife out. 

Finish: CanShed comes standard with primer, finish and trim coats of paint. Finish and trim color is customer choice.

Powdercoating is provide as an optional finish. Inquire about color choices.



Panels: CanShed may be built with a variety of panel material. Perforated sheet with trim is standard. Options include 4 gauge rod with wood slates / blades and faux stone panels treatments. Inquire.

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